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Dirtbag MBA

Dirtbag MBA

Hi, I am Eric, founder & CEO of Amari, a new supplement company that provides active lifestyle consumers with tasty, convenient, effective products that help them to play longer and recover faster.

Rule #1 of start-ups is to work on something you are passionate about.  It took me 46 years to get that point where a confluence of events gelled with experience and Amari was born. 

For years, I felt like I had these contradictory forces pulling me in opposite directions.  I wanted the opportunity for a career and to make a meaningful contribution to society, humanity and the planet while resisting the pull to spend all of my time in the woods, skiing every day I could, hiking mountain passes with our dog or paddling remote rivers.  It seemed impossible to reconcile these two contradictory forces in my life. 

What flipped the switch was when I realized that creating a meaningful, impactful business venture with a passion for recreation was my dream.  That clarity allowed me to see through the stuff I did not care about and focus on making Amari a reality.

My background
Prior to Amari, I spent 10+ years working with early stage CPG companies and commercializing technology from a University setting.  We leveraged a community-based model that put the best domain experts in the room with our client companies.  I was fortunate enough to learn from those experiences and now apply those lessons as an operator. 

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