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Sports Recovery

Inflammation from Exercise

No Added Sugar


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Why Amari?

Eric did not like taking Tylenol or Aleve for minor aches and discomfort from exercise. He thought there must be a better way to take a gentle, plant-based approach to improving joint comfort, reducing inflammation from exercise and decreasing muscle soreness. 

Our Why

What They Are Saying

About Amari

Amari is a functional beverage brand dedicated to helping people stay active and having fun as a way to stay healthy and young.
Amari's product line of great tasting, effective, plant-based products are designed to reduce inflammation from exercise and improve joint comfort.
Our intentional blends leverage the well-studied history of botanical extracts, adaptogenic herbs, and plant-based ingredients to provide real benefits and offer a better for you alternative.


Our Ingredients


Curcuminoids are the main active ingredient in turmeric, providing powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits.


Ashwagandha is considered a powerful adaptogen and helps our bodies deal with physical and mental stressors.


Amari sources our water-soluble, broad spectrum CBD from US grown industrial hemp that is verified to be THC free.


Rhodiola is an adaptogen, helping our bodies adapt to stress (handle stressful times better) and encourage our bodies to return to a place of homeostasis.

Stay Active. Stay Healthy.

Staying active is the best way to stay healthy, whatever your age, activity or skill level.

Stay Active

Amari Brand Intro


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