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Amari SuperFan Interview: Nicole P

With two kids in tow and a full schedule, Nicole and her husband are constantly on the move. Whether they’re tossing a frisbee, pedaling their bikes on nearby trails, or walking the neighborhood, there is rarely a day without some play involved. Nicole and her husband also frequently play golf––a mental challenge as well as a favorite way to experience the outdoors and surrounding mountain views.

Nicole Peters

A certified massage therapist and yoga teacher with a plethora of five-star reviews, Nicole knows what it means to take care of your body. As Nicole explains, “I have been a massage therapist for 12 years and I have to say it has taken a toll on my body. Amari has really helped me through the discomfort.” As for yoga, she practices two to three times a week. “My favorite format right now is the Bikram 26-posture series for 90 minutes. It is really challenging and requires all your focus and effort while holding the postures.”

Nicole Peters

We caught up with Nicole to ask a few questions about what her Amari wellness practice looks like, below:

What do you notice when you take Amari?
About 15 to 20 minutes after taking Amari I feel a surge of calmness, clarity, and heightened alertness—doubled with relief from soreness.

Tell us how you incorporate Amari into your routine?
I often take Amari before practicing yoga for the clarity and focus increase it provides, and/or after lifting weights for the anti-inflammatory properties of its ingredients for recovery. If it’s a rest day, I will take Amari before going to work. Because my job requires me to be pain-free, I use it to get through my massage days!

I love the taste, too. I add in a green mix to my Amari drink and it helps mask the taste of the powdered greens! It’s like a super-wellness elixir! Otherwise, I love the flavor all by itself; but if it helps me get all my vitamins and probiotics in, I am happy!

 What does Active Vitality mean to you?
Not only to be able to be active but to feel well, strong, and supported throughout the process. Amari gives me the focus I need to hone in on my form and focus, while keeping energy levels up!

If you had to pick, what would be your superpower?
To stop time! Aging is no fun and I love to cherish every moment of every day. They go by so fast!

Nicole Peters

Learn more about Nicole at,  

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