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Monk Fruit's Magic: A Powerful Sugar Solution & On-Trend Ingredient Makes Waves with Amari

Monk Fruit's Magic: A Powerful Sugar Solution & On-Trend Ingredient Makes Waves with Amari

Colorado-based Sports Recovery Brand Harnesses the Power of Zero Sugar, Sweetens the Competition in the Ready-to-Drink Category

Louisville, CO (April 9, 2024)— Amari™, a Colorado-based company and the market leader in the better-for-you sports drink category, is serious about excluding sugar from its products because of its negative impact on health. The brand's entire product line contains zero grams of sugar to help its customers - Everyday Athletes - achieve their health and wellness objectives.
Monk Fruit

Research shows that consuming large quantities of sugar and other processed artificial sweeteners can have harmful effects. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the consumption of sugary drinks is associated with "weight gain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney diseases, non-alcoholic liver disease, tooth decay and cavities, and gout."
"From the beginning, we never considered using sugar or artificial sweeteners in our drinks. At Amari, we are committed to creating a product with a clean ingredient panel that focuses on taste and function for the Everyday Athlete. A product made with sugar could derail our customer's health and wellness goals," explained Eric Gricus, CEO and Founder of Amari. "Right away, we realized that monk fruit is a superior alternative for our product, offering the sweetness our customers crave without the negative impacts of sugar."
Runner's World reports that the most popular brands of sports drinks contain more than double the daily recommended amount of sugar.” That's why Amari uses monk fruit, a natural low-calorie, sugar-free sweetener that comes from a natural source, unlike other artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols that are artificially produced. 
The chemical compounds responsible for monk fruit's sweetness are known as mogrosides, while most other fruits attribute their sweetness to fructose. "A little goes a long way with monk fruit extract, which is 200-300 times sweeter than regular table sugar," added Gricus. "One key reason for using monk fruit in Amari's product line is the decreased bitter aftertaste commonly linked to artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols."
Amari is available in three varieties—Berry Lemonade, Tangerine, and Lemon-Lime—each crafted with a combination of CBD, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, and Black Pepper. The brand offers a delicious, 10-calorie, sugar-free, non-carbonated option for consumers with a blend of functional ingredients.
Award-Winning Availability 
Amari was recently honored by deliciousliving magazine with a Silver Medal Retailer's Choice Award in the Functional Bars & Beverage category. In 2023,  Food and Beverage Magazine named Amari an Editor's Top Pick, Product of the Year. Amari also received a Silver Award from NYX for its unique and vibrant product packaging to complete the accolades.  
Amari is available nationwide on and at select independent retailers in the Colorado High Country, Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins. For information on distribution, sales, and sponsorships, contact
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About Amari
Amari is the leader in Better-For-You Natural Sports Recovery for consumers who want to stay active and have fun. Amari contains no sugar and is a non-sparkling sports drink designed to reduce inflammation from exercise and improve joint comfort. The company's unique blend of functional ingredients offers a healthier alternative to traditional sports drinks and helps everyone 'Play Longer and Recover Faster.' ™ For more information, visit
Media Contact: Heather Collins, 303-250-4797,
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Monk Fruit's Magic: A Powerful Sugar Solution & On-Trend Ingredient Makes Waves with Amari

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