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My Personal Health Journey

In cleaning out our house after the Marshall Fire, I came across old clothes that reminded me of the health journey I've been on for the last 5 years.  My wife and I had a good laugh about how huge these pants seemed on me now after dropping 50+ pounds and a couple of sizes.  They seemed like a stranger's clothes.      

Throughout my life, I've always struggled with weight and self-image.  The pounds would yo-yo up and down depending on the time of year and my choices.  I was always active, tried to eat clean, but loved food.  Just ask a box of Samoas or a pint of ice cream.

Personal Health Journey
Back in 2017, I committed to permanent change, not a one-time diet or fad.  My goal was a healthy weight so I could ski, hike, paddle and do all of the activities I love as I got older.   

We all know the math for weight loss = activity > calorie intake.  Through a lost bet with my wife, something I had poked fun at became integral to my health, yoga.  It can be any activity for you, just do it on a regular basis.  Since I started a few years ago, I've done over 1,200 studio classes.  Not because I wanted to every time, but because I made a commitment to myself. Find a community/activity that you can commit to and make it a habit.

The second part of the equation is calorie consumption.  After going through all types of "diets", my conclusion is that weight loss is highly individualistic. You need to find what works for you. 
What worked for me is blending 2 types of fasting.  I restrict my calories 2 days a week and do my best to intermittent fast the rest of the week by eating breakfast late and have a late lunch/early dinner before 5pm.  It's rough when you start, but I honestly feel better eating less.  The best part is seeing results.  Do what works for you.  
Thanks for reading this far.  I wanted to share more about my personal journey and why I'm driven to provide solutions for aches and pains from staying active and helping you get the rest you need.  Happy to talk about my health journey and what has worked for me.  Just reach out!  
Stay Active!
Eric & The Team at Amari
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