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Re-Introducing Amari: A Customer Inspired Blend of Ready-to-Drink Innovation

Change is Good

Nothing is static.  We change and adapt all the time.  The same is true at Amari. We’ve taken what we’ve learned from our customers over the last 2 years and poured that understanding into our new ready-to-drink products and brand update.  Thanks to our customers, we’ve created the leading Better-For-You Sports Recovery drink.

Crafting the Perfect Ready-to-Drink Experience

Our goal is and has always been to help people stay active and have fun as a way to stay healthy and feel young.  We’ve done this from day 1 with a blend of functional ingredients designed to help you Play Longer and Recover Faster.

We started off as stir & mix powders for your water bottle, smoothie or cocktail.  The versatility and portability were fantastic, but one thing became clear after many, many demos anyplace someone would let us set up a table.  People wanted the benefits of the powders with the convenience of a ready-to-drink beverage. 


Same Benefits, New Flavors

Amari has always used high quality ingredients crafted to help reduce inflammation from exercise and improve joint comfort.  All of our canned products have a blend of CBD, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, and black pepper.  We created a natural, gentle approach to sports recovery that’s effective and does not need sugar or bubbles to taste great!  

The Evolution of the Brand

Sometimes you just have to get lucky.  We met an amazing packaging designer who understood our customer and had a vision for the company look and feel. The colors speak to our juicy, delicious flavors while the logo and font emanate functional refreshment.

Amari Logo

We’re excited to tell the world about what our customers helped us create.  We’ll keep posting new, relevant content and coming up with tasty ways to Play Longer and Recover Faster.  Please share our newsletters and socials with your friends.  You can visit our website to order and learn more,

Eric from Amari

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  • Thanks for the comment.

    The ready to drink products are available,

  • Great idea. When will you publish prices and estimated shipping costs?

    Lots of success!

    Joe Cuzzi

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