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No expiration date on a youthful spirit.

Staying active is the best way to stay healthy.

Whether you're a casual athlete or training for the next big challenge, daily physical activity and having fun are the best ways to stay healthy both physically and emotionally.

Delicious Functionality

Great taste, no added sugar, non-sparkling and ingredients that support your active lifestyle make it easy and convenient to stay active.

Play Longer, Recover Faster

We've designed Amari to be an effective, better for you alternative to the traditional sport drinks available so you can get back out there day after day.

Stay active.
Stay healthy.

Amari’s blend of plant-based ingredients support your active and healthy lifestyle by:

  • reducing inflammation from exercise,
  • helping improve joint comfort & health, and
  • helping you relax and recover from your adventures.

So you can do it again and again.

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