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Amari: Ingredients

Amari's Ingredients

Amari believes that better ingredients + effective doses = better products.   

We are the nerd looking out the window while the cool kids are having a good time playing outside. In other words, we have done the homework to allow you to go out and focus on having fun. Rest assured, we are providing the best possible products for you to Play Longer and Recover Faster.   

Our short, easy to pronounce ingredient lists are GMO-free and sourced from farmers following organic standards whenever possible.   

Organic, non-GMO is a great first step and we actively look for ingredient suppliers who care about their land. Ultimately, our goal is to source from farms practicing regenerative agriculture and rebuilding soil health.

Why take something that is not effective? 

Amari’s intentional product formulation has followed the simple principle that each product should contain an effective dose of each ingredient to deliver the best possible result. We specifically look for standardized botanical ingredients and verify the active ingredients through independent lab testing. 

We don’t claim we invented the question mark. 

There are a lot of suspicious claims out there, so don’t take our word for it. Amari actively looks for ingredients that take it a step further and have clinical evidence supporting the claims.
If you want to learn more about our ingredients and why we selected them, please check out the links below. 


Amari takes product safety, potency and purity very seriously

Our approach to testing meets or exceeds State and Federal guidelines for supplements.

Please see our Effectiveness page for cannabinoid profile, health and safety testing results

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