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About Rhodiola

Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea), also known as golden root or artic root, has been a familiar remedy for centuries in the cold mountainous regions of Europe, Asia and Russia as a treatment for fatigue and stress. More recently, the botanical has gained notoriety as an adaptogen, helping our bodies adapt to stress (handle stressful times better) and encourage our bodies to return to a place of homeostasis. The root contains the main active ingredients, rosavins and salidrosides.

Rhodiola Rosea Benefits

Amari’s Rhodiola is a standardized ingredient matching the active botanical ratios occurring naturally in the plant’s root, 3% rosavins and the 1% salidrosides for maximum efficacy.

Health benefits include:

Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen
Enhancing physical performance and general endurance

Learn More About Rhodiola

Learn More About Rhodiola

Rhodiola has been the subject of clinical studies and journal articles, please click the links for PDFs.

Rhodiola rosea for physical & mental fatigue - Review of randomized trials and clinical trials testing rhodiola’s impact on physical performance and reducing mental fatigue.

The effects of an acute dose of Rhodiola rosea on exercise performance - This study examines the effects of a dose of Rhodiola Rosea on exercise performance, perceived exertion, mood and cognitive function.

Rhodiola rosea in stress induced fatigue (Abstract) - A study examining the impact of Rhodiola on fatigue amongst physicians who worked the night shift.

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