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Sports Recovery Tips

Tips & Tricks to Play Longer & Recover faster

Stay Active with Amari's Recovery Tips

Before You Play - Stretch it out. Yes, it's a pain to stretch when you're itching to play, but your body will thank you for it. We focus on wrists, shoulders, hips and legs. Here are our favorite stretches.

Stay Hydrated! - Having fun requires hydration. Grab some water and electrolytes during and when you take a break.

Reduce Inflammation - This is key to recovery and why we launched Amari. We were tired of taking Aleve or Tylenol after a day of fun. Our Recovery product is designed to reduce inflammation from exercise, improve joint comfort and decrease muscle soreness. Try it with water in a shaker bottle or we suggest a tasty Bourbon Ginger Recovery Cocktail or our Blueberry Lemonade Recovery Mocktail or Cocktail.    

Afer you play - Cool Down. Take a short walk, stretch again and let your body properly adjust from having fun.

Solid Sleep - A full night's sleep is sometimes elusive, but essential for a strong tomorrow. Our Everyday Calm supports sleep and encourages calm with a plant-based blend that prepares you for bed and helps us stay asleep. Mix it with water in a shaker bottle or try our Sweet Dreams Tea.

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