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Tangerine CBD+ Turmeric Sports Recovery Drink 12 Pack

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Our citrusy tangerine sweetness is not just for breakfast. Relax and enjoy anytime of day.


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Experience a refreshingly bright and citrusy burst of tangerine flavor and the active functionality of Amari's Tangerine CBD+ Turmeric Sports Recovery Drink.
This convenient ready-to-drink beverage is deliciously hydrating and specifically formulated to promote post-activity recovery. With functional dosages of active ingredients and no bad stuff, enjoy all the benefits of active lifestyles while avoiding traditional recovery drinks.


Experience the refreshing taste of Amari's hydrating Tangerine CBD+ Turmeric in our convenient, no bubbles, no added sugar formula. Enhanced with potent, gentle ingredients like CBD, turmeric, black pepper, and ashwagandha, it may support healthy joint function and reduce inflammation from exercise, promoting post-activity recovery.

1 case of twelve, 12oz cans. Free local delivery and $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping.

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