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Amari Trip Report: Raining Cats & Dogs on the Smith River 2022

Amari Trip Report: Raining Cats & Dogs on the Smith River 2022

Smith River Camping

Wow, you find out a lot about your friends when it rains.  And ours are awesome.  We floated the Smith River in Montana this past July.  Montucky forecast was for high 70’s and a 30% chance of rain.  Us Colorado folks were like, Sweet!  What did not realize was that 30% chance of rain really meant all day, not just for 20 minutes in the afternoon.  And it rained like we had never seen.  Pouring sheets of rain for hours.  For those you not familiar with river trips, once you leave your car behind, you’re in it to win it.  All you’ve got is what’s on the raft with you. 

Smith River Rain

Day after day it rained.  Morale was challenged, sleeping bags were wet, the sheer amount of rain was indescribable and no one complained.  Camps were muddy, but yet we made the best of it, engineering a rain tarp with the trees & equipment we had at our disposal.  It’s minor in the grand scheme of things, but you find out what you’re made of when faced with uncomfortable circumstances.  It’s how you grow.   And not to mention have a bad ass dance party on the 4th of July.


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