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Castle Valley - Perfect Utah Fall Trip

Castle Valley - Perfect Utah Fall Trip

There is something about looking at towering red rock canyons that melt tension and inspire awe. 

Moab UT Sunset

Maybe it's the way they change depending on the light or the fact that they'll be here long after we're gone. 

Maybe it's the crisp desert sky, clean air, unstoppable views or red dirt underneath our sleeping bags.  

Moab always seems to work its magic and we leave feeling refreshed with recharged batteries.

Hittle Bottom Moab UT

Rural is an understatement as you pull off of I-70 at the Cisco exit and drive across a landscape dotted with gas wells and endless rolling hills.  We've done the drive many times before and love watching the La Salle Mountains get closer and closer.  But the real action does not start until the road crosses the Colorado and the canyons that made Moab famous rise out of the desert.  

Colorado River Hittle Bottom

We don't go enough, but every time we visit the Red Rock desert it's just as breathtaking as the first time.  The views are still huge, the rock walls are always captivating and the desert sunsets are always breathtaking.  

 If you're looking to plan a trip to the Moab area, start with Discover Moab.

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