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Seven-Minute Moving Meditation

Seven-Minute Moving Meditation

You've already been sitting all day. Park your self on a cushion and tell your mind to pipe down? That's the last thing you need. Instead, try a seven-minute moving meditation practice to boost circulation, promote deep breathing and calm even the most frazzled brain, in the time it takes for a coffee break.

This active form of stilling the mind is traditionally practiced in a labyrinth or Japanese garden, but anywhere that's relatively serene works. Choose a flat surface 50 to 100 feet long; a quiet walking path or wooded area with smooth terrain are ideal, but even a peaceful neighborhood sidewalk works.

Keep your eyes downcast, gazing softly about 45 degrees in front of you. Walk slowly, making your steps conscious and deliberate. At the end of the path, come to a full stop, turn around and walk back again.

Let your mind focus on the movement of your hips and knees, the feeling of your feet as they come in contact with the ground. Bring your attention to your breath, taking slow, deep inhales and exhales through your nose. Continue walking back and forth until you feel more centered and peaceful. And quell any urge to hurry; the idea is to calm and clear your mind, not burn calories or break a sweat.

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