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Simple, Effective, Plant-Based Recovery

Get Out There, Have Fun, Repeat!
Amari believes staying active is the best way to stay healthy.
Amari is a plant-based supplement brand dedicated to helping people stay active and having fun as a way to stay healthy. Our effective, fast-acting, plant-based powders are crafted to reduce inflammation from exercise, decrease muscle soreness, improve joint comfort and support sleep & encourage calm. Just mix with water or or added to cocktails, mocktails, breakfast smoothies and after dinner teas.

Amari Testimonial
Amari Testimonial
Amari Testimonial
Amari Testimonial
Amari Testimonial
Amari Testimonial
Amari Testimonial
Amari Testimonial

We believe in...

Active Lifestyles

Staying active is the best way to stay healthy, whatever your age, skill level or activity.  

Access to the Outdoors

Access to wild places and having fun outside is important and part of where we come from. It keeps us young and creates a better place for all. Access to the outdoors is access to our souls.

Regenerative Agriculture

The math is simple. Improved soil health = better ingredients = increased human health, which encourages our bodies to recover faster and perform at their best. Amari supports regenerative agriculture because what's good for the soil is good for us.

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Learn about Amari on a quick trip down the Green River through the Gates of Lodore and Dinosaur National Momument

Get out there, have fun, repeat!

Amari loves nothing more than a fun day in the great outdoors. Winter, Summer, Fall and even mud season! You can find us skiing, hiking, and mountain biking, and breathing in that fresh air.

We’ve combined the powerful benefits of ashwagandha, turmeric, and CBD with Rhodiola and Boswellia to help you relax, share your adventure stories of the day, and be ready to get back out there tomorrow

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The Sport of Life

Life is a sport and we are your biggest fan. Yes, some days are amazing and others completely fall apart. Our goal is to help you crush it on your best days and relax on the ones when you need it most.

Amari has blended the benefits of amla, passionflower and lemon balm with our proprietary blend of ashwagandha, turmeric, black pepper and CBD to help you unwind and prepare to tackle tomorrow.

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